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OUR Product

No longer fly blind. Inspectant will provide alerts and graphs when your customer experience is about to suffer.

Inspectant provides high level dashboards and alerts that are targeted to stakeholders, providing a birds eye view regarding the end-to-end customer experience. This is ideal for CTOs, Product Owners and Stakeholders that are focussed on providing a high quality customer experience.

Save thousands to millions of dollars in potential lost revenue. Increase customer retention/satisfaction.


Serverless Adoption

SLA Monitoring

Container Orchestration

Devops Consulting

Cloud Cost Analysis

Performance Optimisation

The cloud landscape is a complex and constantly evolving world. Romiko founded Devant Solutions to help companies navigate the plethora of challenges, finding solutions & processes that work reliably and are tailored to their needs.

We’ll help you discover more efficient and effective ways of working in the cloud.

Setting up your teams for success.


We  help clients reach their full cloud potential whilst reducing costs & improving the customer experience.

Reduce Costs

We can save you 20%-70% overall cloud costs by leveraging the latest microservices technology and serverless computing.

Technical Expertise

We have a team of highly-skilled and passionate professionals with deep industry experience and the latest certifications.

Tailored solutions

We help you build a customised roadmap to achieve cloud transformation and deliver value. Personalised training and support ensures you are setup for success.



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